De Jager Trucks Ltd. was set up in 1974 by J.J. de Jager.
It was initially located at Ringbaan-West in Goes. The company dealt in Bedford vehicles at that time.

In 1977 Scania was added to the list of models on offer.
The committed efforts of J.J. de Jager and his employees led to a surge in growth in Scania’s market share in central and north Zeeland from 3% to 17%.
Despite this increase in market share and the move to an ultra modern premises in 1997, the Scania importer Beers N.V. decided in 2002, after a successful period of 25 years of cooperation, to build its own premises in Goes and to discontinue its link with De Jager.

De Jager decided then to go it alone and has since become a leading Scania specialist in Zeeland. As a result of our extensive international contacts and the acquisition of the most up to date equipment, De Jager is in a position to keep your Scania in mint condition at a reasonable price and to remain competitive in the area of parts supply and the supply of new Scanias.
In addition, De Jager has, since 2002, been specialised in the supply and maintenance of both new and used DAF trucks, their repair and maintenance and supply of accessories, not to mention the supply and maintenance of all other models of trucks.
Our excellent network of contacts ensures that we can offer you extremely competitive prices when it comes to spare parts, repair and maintenance, fault diagnosis, damage repairs and the supply of new DAF trucks.
The transport sector continues to develop apace and De Jager does likewise.
Returns on investment in the transport sector have recently been under pressure, with a resulting knock-on effect on profit margins.
As a result De Jager signed up to the Toptruck formula on January1st 2010.
Toptruck is a grouping of reputable European manufacturers of quality parts, regional distributors and independent Toptruck companies in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and England. This network will expand even further in the coming years.
Toptruck also facilitates training, 24-hour recovery service and the provision of technical information where necessary.
This grouping and its joint purchasing policy ensure that you are always guaranteed quality service, competitive prices, well-trained employees and quality spare parts at De Jager and other Toptruck companies.

Besides its regular services De Jager also offer the following services:

  • RDW (Dept. Of Transport) on-line logging of export of all Dutch registered vehicles
  • RDW on-line logging of scrapping of all Dutch registered vehicles
  • MOT trucks over 3500kg
  • Logging and installation of tachometers, including for light trucks and vans
  • Issuing of green cards
  • Issuing of export license plates, both Dutch and German.
  • Installation of filters for heavy-duty trucks
  • Installation and annual check of alarm systems
  • Hydraulic service
  • Airco service
  • Damage repair
  • Rental of heavy-duty trucks and trailers
  • Import and registration of foreign registered vehicles
  • Ad-Blue
  • Europe-wide recovery service
  • Purchase and sale of all models of company cars
  • Financial advice
  • Supply of spare parts for all models of trucks and accessories, new and used
If you have any questions or would like a quote for repair work, MOT, maintenance or the acquisition of a new or used truck, trailer or spare parts, then call us at 0113-277277 or email us at one of the following email addresses: for general information for info about spare parts for info about repairs for info about the purchase or sale of all models of trucks and accessories

You’re always welcome to visit us - the kettle is always on the boil.
The management and employees of De Jager